Social Entities

Composition of the Social Entities 2018-2020

Board of the General Assembly:

President: Isabel Barroso Sousa, representing BPI
Secretary: António Anastácio, representing Finanfarma


President: Alexandre Santos, representing Caixa Leasing e Factoring
Vice President: António Oliveira Martins, representing Leaseplan
Vice President: Pedro Cunha, representing Santander
Member of the Board: Paulo Franco, representing Novo Banco
Member of the Board: Manuel de Sousa, representing ALD Automotive

Supervisory Board:

President: Paulo Matos, representing Millennium BCP
Member of the Board: Carla Camilo, representing De Lage Landen (DLL)
Member of the Board: Luis Augusto, representing BNP Paribas Factor




The ALF - Portuguese Association of Leasing, Factoring and Renting, was established in 2005, resulting from the merger of APEF - Portuguese Association of Factoring Companies into Apelease - Portuguese Association of Leasing Companies. This merger resulted in the change of the name of the latter to ALF.

In 2008, the ALF's statutes are changed to accommodate companies of a new product: Renting.
In 2010, the name is changed to ALF - Portuguese Association of Leasing, Factoring and Renting
Currently, it represents almost 100% of all entities carrying on the activities of leasing, factoring and renting in Portugal.

The ALF is in operation since 1984, providing a true knowledge of file and history of the sectors they represent.


The Association's fundamental objective is to defend and to represent the legitimate common interests of its members, notably in relation to any public or private, domestic or foreign, contributing to the technical, economic and social development of the own activity of its members.