Specialized Financing

Factoring Advantages

•    Simplification of the credit management operations;
•    Allows for immediate liquidity through the financing of sales;
•    Allows for a better planning of the treasury;
•    Transforms fixed costs into variable ones, by outsourcing collection which matches costs with the companies’ sales cycle;
•    Reduces administrative costs in human resources and communications;
•    Increases the financing capacity and improves the debt ratios;
•    Security in credit sales;
•    Increases the efficacy of the commercial department: Exclusive dedication to technical and commercial tasks; Expansion not limited by treasury difficulties.



It may be Import – national Debtor and a foreign Client, or Export – national Client and foreign Debtor. In any case, the services mentioned in the other points are always available to the Client, with the variants mentioned for National Factoring also being valid.


As the name indicates, it is Factoring where all involved parties are headquartered in the same country. The most common variants are:

Recourse Factoring

In this variant, the Client benefits from the collection and credit management services and may also choose to use the financing of the assigned invoices. The Factor has the right of return over Clients for invoices which are not paid within the payment deadline (reassignment).

Non Recourse Factoring

The Factor’s Client benefits from the credit management and collection services, as well as risk coverage in the event of the debtor’s insolvency and/or credit default. The client can also choose to have the funds anticipated. This type of Factoring confers an added security to credit sales.

“Full” Service Factoring

This is, in a general sense, the more complete Factoring product design, meaning the client assembles the three essential factoring components in the same product: Management and collection services, coverage of commercial risks of insolvency and/or default of the Debtors, and anticipation of funds (advances) over the receivables portfolio.

“Confirming” or “Reverse Factoring”

Among the different Factoring categories, there is “Confirming” or “Reverse Factoring”, through which the Factor pays the supplier of its Client. This payment may also assume the form of an advance in which case the supplier becomes the Client of a factoring contract.

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