ALF Statistical Manual and Conditions of access to the information by non-members

09 Jan 2018
ALF Statistical Manual and Conditions of access to the information by non-members

Following the commitments assumed with the Portuguese Competition Authority (AdC), ALF’s Board approved the changes to “ALF’s Statistical System Procedure Manual” and the “Conditions of access to the information by non-members”, on January, 8th of 2018.

The new version of the “ALF’s Statistical System Procedure Manual” goes immediately into effect, having been shared with all Members.

Likewise and as agreed with the AdC, the “Conditions of access to ALF’s statistical information by non-members” are already available in ALF’s website and can be accessed on the following link: here.

It is important to remember that according to the compromises assumed with the AdC, ALF will only divulge individualized data to its members with a delay of 6 (six) months, in what concerns the activities of equipment leasing, real estate leasing, factoring and renting.

Furthermore, all information which is divulged to ALF’s members who report data will also be divulged amongst the members who do not report data, after 3 (three) months have passed since the information has been divulged and through ALF’s website.

On request, ALF will make available to any potential new operator wishing to study their entry in any of the sectors where ALF’s members are present, all the information that it possesses and that may be required for this purpose, without prejudice of the individualized data, if requested, being made available 6 (six) months after its distribution to the members who report data. As already mentioned, the faculty and conditions of access to information by potential new market operators may be accessed at:

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